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Ferrarossa Eyeshadow - Grace

RM 45.00


A warm, sparkly silver that is the epitome of innocence, Grace represents the acceptance and acknowledgement that your past mistakes now serve as a purpose instead of shame. Just a swipe of this soft and pure shimmery hue, similar to those of a butterfly’s wings will lift your spirits and keep you looking as elegant and graceful as a butterfly.

Ferrarossa Eyeshadows are:

Winner of the Anugerah Seri Jelita 2017 Award for “Best Single Eyeshadow”

Winner of the Her Beauty Awards 2018 for the “Best Powder Eyeshadow”

Highly-pigmented and easy-to-blend

Adheres strongly to skin, even with minimal use

Long-lasting shades for over 14 hours

Suitable for all skin tones

Made in Korea and KKM approved