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Ferrarossa Makeup Melter 150ml

RM 79.00

Ferrarossa Relaxing Makeup Melter 2-in-1 makeup remover and cleanser. This quick-absorbing formula melts away even the most stubborn and waterproof...

Ferrarossa Eyeshadow - Renaissance

RM 45.00

RENAISSANCE Renaissance is an incandescent coppery eyeshadow that signifies the rebirth and the reawakening of a new you. It’s the...

Ferrarossa Eyeshadow - Heavenly

RM 45.00

HEAVENLY No matter what it is that you’re going through, never lose sight of heaven. True to the saying, heavenly...

Ferrarossa Eyeshadow - Grace

RM 45.00

GRACE A warm, sparkly silver that is the epitome of innocence, Grace represents the acceptance and acknowledgem

Ferrarossa Eyeshadow - Pana Cota

RM 45.00

PANA COTA Silky and smooth just like the dessert, this bright matte shade is bound to form eyes into a...